Amy Haisten

I’m Amy Haisten, an artist, illustrator, and surface designer passionate about patterns and color. I love art and am excited to explore this new graphic arts area.

Throughout my career, I have developed my skills as a graphic designer, specializing in clean and modern design for visual brands and marketing. However, my heart misses and yearns for the freedom and creativity of art. I want to explore surface design and illustration, using my imagination and art skills to bring vibrant patterns and colors to life.

Patterns have always fascinated me—they have a unique ability to transform and elevate any surface. I love how shapes, lines, and colors combine like a puzzle to create enchanting pieces of art that evoke emotions and tell stories. Exploring surface design allows me to channel my passion for patterns and color into art forms that resonate with people on a deeper level.

As an artist and surface designer, I aim to create captivating designs that inspire and bring joy. I believe in the power of art to ignite creativity, evoke emotions, and transform spaces. I want to fill your life with beauty and a sense of wonder through my art.

I’m excited to embark on this new artistic adventure, combining my skills as a graphic designer, experience in the newspaper industry, and knowledge learned as a healthcare student with my innate love for art. I look forward to exploring new techniques, experimenting with various art mediums, and pushing the boundaries of my creativity and skill to create striking illustrations and patterns that leave a lasting impression.


Court House Square in Jackson, GA, photo by Lawrence Wallis
Indian Springs State Park
Amy's English Mastiff furbaby, Falkor

I have lived in Georgia most of my life and reside in Jackson—in beautiful Butts County. My hometown can be the “butt” of jokes sometimes. It is a small town unheard of by many (even those who live in Georgia). Still, people know it as home to Georgia’s death row, Indian Springs State Park, and Fresh Air Bar-B-Que. Some may also recognize it while watching “Stranger Things” and “The Originals.” As a huge fantasy fan, this speaks to my inner geek.

More About Me:

Amy's feet at St. Simon's Island
Amicalola Falls in Dawsonville, GA
Amy at Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England
  • Turtles depict my personality. I’m an INTJ, always testing at 99-100% introversion.
  • I love turtles, sharks, the ocean, waterfalls, leopard print, chocolate, and cheese.
  • I am the mother of Falkor, my English Mastiff furbaby.
  • I collect gemstones, and my company-branded colors are jewel tones.
  • I started my career in the newspaper business at “The Fulton County Daily Report” in Atlanta. It covers Georgia legal and business news.
  • My degree included fine art as well as graphic design. I also studied drawing, painting, photography, and ceramics. I loved it all and had difficulty picking just one focus!
  • I have always wanted to go to France and Ireland and have already been to England. That is one down and two to go. I wouldn’t mind the opportunity for adventures in some other European countries. My ancestors originated from The British Isles, and this area inspires me.
  • I am a geek.
  • I began college as a music major. In high school, I was a band geek and played percussion mostly in the pit but marched bass drum one year. I even joined a college group similar to “Stomp” called “Joyful Noise.”
  • I am a bookworm and love continuing to learn and grow.
  • I love arts and crafts festivals, the Georgia Renaissance Festival, and conventions.
  • My favorite TV shows, movies, and books are mostly in the fantasy genre.
  • When I was young, I revered Wonder Woman. I dressed in Wonder Woman Underoos and tin foil bracers, watched Lynda Carter on TV, and had a Wonder Woman action figure at the head of my bed to protect me from ghosts at night.
  • I am a very casual gamer and love World of Warcraft. For the Alliance!
Amy playing the marimba in the pit at half time
Amy at the Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience - Atlanta
Amy on Zombie Set
Amy's LaGrange College graduation

Education & Experience:

I have worked in graphic design since graduating in 2003 with a B.A. in Art & Design with a concentration in Graphic Design from LaGrange College. I later completed a diploma in Animation & Multimedia with a concentration in Web Design from Central Georgia Technical College. My accounting and business studies at Middle Georgia State University are an asset in my freelance endeavors. In addition to freelance artwork, I work at the Monroe County Reporter as Creative Director. In the past, I worked at The Courier Herald and The Fulton County Daily Report, and I also maintained several multi-housing brands at a marketing company. I have also been working toward another degree in something new, the medical field. I have studied Health Information Management at Georgia Northwestern Technical College and am now pursuing Health Care Management at Southern Crescent Technical College, but I will always continue to create art!

The Monroe County Reporter
Amy's Laptop
The Courier Herald Staff with the Newspaper Press
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